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Contoh Soal Structure TOEFL NTC Kampung Inggris - This section is designed to test your ability to recognize language structures that are appropriate in standard written English. The questions in this section belong to two types, each of which
has special directions.
Directions: Questions 1-15 are partial sentences. Below each sentence you will see four words or phrases, marked (A), (B), (C), and (D). Select the one word or phrase that best completes the sentence. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of the question and fill in the space that contains the letter for the answer you have chosen. Fill in the space completely.
Example I
Drying flowers is the best way -------- them.
(A) to preserve
(B) by preserving
(C) preserve
(D) preserved
The sentence should state, "Drying flowers is the best way to preserve them." Therefore the correct answer is (A).
Many American universities ------as small, private colleges.
(A) begun
(B) beginning
(C) began
(D) for the beginning
The sentence should state, "Many American universities began as small, private colleges" Therefore, the correct answer is (C).

After you read the directions, begin work on the questions.

1. Fort Niagara was built by the French in
1726 on land --------the Seneca Indians.
(A) they buy from
(B) bought from
(C) buying from
(D) was bought from
2. Soil texture depends on the proportions
1726 on land of clay and sand
particles,---------soil porosity.
(A) both alter
(B) which alter
(C) where altered
(D) although altered
3. The writers of the realist movement
embraced the notion that art should depict
(A) accurately and objectively
(B) accuracy and objectivity
(C) accurate and objective
(D) accurate objectivity
4. A ratio is a comparison of--------whole or a part to another part.
(A) part to the
(B) a part to
(C) a part to the
(D) the part to the
5. The bones of the elderly are more prone to fractures and splintering ---------of young people.
(A) than that
(B) than those
(C) those than
(D) that than
6. English and Scottish settlers ------- Belfast as a trading post in 1613
(A) they established
(B) established themselves
(C) established
(D) establishing
7. The formulation of economic policies
necessitates meticulous consideration
--------- large segments of the population.
(A) because they affect
(B) they are affected because
(C) affect them because
(D) because affecting them
8. Only -------- feathered creatures inhabit the Arctic region year round.
(A) fewer
(B) fewer than
(C) as few as
(D) a few
9. Before Richard Bennett accepted the appointment as the prime minister of Canada in 1930, he -------- as a lawyer.
(A) had achieved a successful
(B) had been achieved successfully
(C) has achieved success
(D) had achieved success
10. Gardeners transplant bushes and flowers by moving them from one place to--------
(A) other
(B) others
(C) another
(D) each other
11. Museums of natural history are ordinarily --------by special interest groups created for that purpose.
(A) owned and operated
(B) they own and operate
(C) owning and operating
(D) the owner operates
12. A surge in the level of stress -------- the recurrence of nightmares.
(A) apparent increase
(B) apparently increase
(C) apparently increases
(D) apparent increases
13. Each bowler -------- in each frame, unless a strike is bowled.
(A) rolling the ball twice
(B) the ball is rolled twice
(C) rolls the ball twice
(D) the ball rolls twice
14. William Hearst had five sons,
--------eventually became executives in the
Hearst newspaper conglomerate.
(A) all of them
(B) of them all
(C) all of whom
(D) who of all
15. An axiomatic assumption in physics holds
that all matter has kinetic energy --------
motion and mass.
(A) because its
(B) because of its
(C) because it is
(D) because of it
Questions 16-40

Directions: In questions 16-40 every sentence has four words or phrases that are underlined. The four underlined portions of each sentence are marked (A), (B), (C), and (D). Identify the one word or phrase that makes the sentence incorrect. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of the question and fill in the space that contains the letter for the answer you have chosen. Fill in the space completely.

Example I Sample Answer
Christopher Columbus has sailed from Europe in 1492 and discovered a new land he
                                            A                                                                  B                  C
thought to be India.
The sentence should state, "Christopher Columbus sailed from Europe in 1492 and discovered a new land he thought to be India." Therefore, you should choose answer (A).

Example II
As the roles of people in society change, so does the rules of conduct in certain situations.
      A                                                               B              C                                        D
The sentence should state, "As the roles of people in society change, so do the rules of
conduct in certain situations." Therefore, you should choose answer (B).
After you read the directions, begin work on the questions.
16. In summer, warm southern air carries moist north to the eastern and central United States.
            A                                             B         C                                             D
17. Billie Holiday became recognized as the most innovative jazz singer of her day and was
                                                A                                      B                                        C
admiration for her vocal range.
18. To raise livestock successfully, farmers must selecting cattle for breeding and apply a
                                          A                                       B                             C                D
dietary regimen.
19. In the 1960s, urban renewal projects cleared land for commerce and offices building.
                                    A                                 B                     C                          D
20. In 1868, Sioux leaders signed a treaty preventing whites from traveling through the Sioux
                                                                                A         B                                   C
21. A number multiplied by zero is zero, and a number multiplied by one is the same as
            A                                 B                                             C
22. Muscles aids in attaching portions of the skeleton to one another and ultimately shape the
                        A         B                                                               C                                D
23. Thomas More, who fell into disfavor with the king, was a great English author, statesman,
                                          A                                               B                                            C
and scholars.
24. The first microprocessors were fabricated in 1971 for installation in handhold calculators.
            A                                             B                                 C                     D
25. If autistic children form an attachment, it predominantly was to inanimate objects.
                        A                                 B                     C                                 D
26. Technology is define as the tools, skills, and methods that are necessary to produce
                              A                   B                                         C                                 D
27. Fruit flies do not have to leap to take off because of they become airborne solely by
                                    A                     B                     C
wing movement.
28. Historians postulate that Eskimos migrated from Alaska to Greenland in two greater
                                        A                     B                                                        C      D
29. Electric wires carry current for lighting and outlets designing for household appliances.
            A                     B                     C                                 D
30. Troops housing in Fort Bliss, Texas, train to operate aircraft equipment and artillery.
                        A                                          B                        C                     C

31. Charles Kettering patented the first success spark-based starter for automotive vehicles in
                                      A                         B                    C                         D
32. During the 1700s, public concerts proliferated when composers wrote music for their
                                                                   A                                           B                     C
audiences' enjoying.
33. The philosophers and artists of ancient Greece and Rome emphasized the study of human
                        A                                                                                 B                                 C
as fundamental to their doctrine.
34. Computer graphics software has infinite applications in a widely array of fields.
A                                 B                     C                D
35. The planet Mercury rotates slow than any other planet except Venus.
                                          A        B                     C                D
36. Van Cliburn he studied piano from 1951 to 1954 and won multiple awards between 1958
                                    A         B                                             C                     D
and I960.
37. Not only comics show a part of a story but they also convey the complete story.
                   A                          B                                             C         D
38. How much information can be retained in short-term memory depends almost exclusively
                        A                                 B                                                                     C
on how it arranged.
39. When readers contribute funds to private libraries, these readers are used the library
                                    A                     B                                                  C
without charge.
40. Diagrams display informations in a conspicuous way and vividly show differences and
            A                                 B                                                    C
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