Contoh Tes Toefl NTC Kursus Inggris Toefl Online - In (his section of (he test, you will have an opportunity to demonstrate your ability to understand conversations and talks in English. There are three parts to this section, with special directions for each part. Answer all the questions on the basis of what is stated or implied by the speakers in this test. When you take the actual TOEFL test, you will not be allowed to take notes or write in your test book. Try to work on Practice Test A in the same way.
Part A
Directions: In Part A, you will hear short conversations between two people. After each conversation, you will hear a question about the conversation. The conversations and questions will not be repeated. After you hear a question, read the four possible answers in your book and choose the best answer. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of the question and fill in the space that corresponds to the letter of the answer you have chosen.

Here is an example.

On the recording, you hear:
Sample Answer
In your book, you read:
(A) He doesn't like the painting either.
(B) He doesn't know how to paint.
(C) He doesn't have any paintings.
(D) He doesn't know what to do.
You learn from the conversation that neither the man nor the woman likes the painting. The best answer to the question "What does the man mean?" is (A), "He doesn't like the painting either."
Therefore, the correct choice is (A).
Now let us begin Part A with question number 1.

1. (A) Go to the movies with the man.
(B) Take her brother to the movies.
(C) Eat at her brother's.
(D) Cook dinner with Lois.
2. (A) The man should have offered his
assistance earlier.
(B) She doesn't need the man's help.
(C) She didn't realize the boxes were
(D) She wants the man to move the boxes.
3. (A) He'd like to have the windows open.
(B) He rarely leaves the windows open.
(C) He thinks the air is polluted.
(D) He'll help her close the windows.
4. (A) The results might be ready tomorrow.
(B) The man needs another test
(C) The results were called in last night
(D) The doctor called the lab last night.
5. (A) She doesn't remember much about
(B) She's never been to Portland.
(C) She knows someone else who could
help him.
(D) She'd be happy to talk to the man
6. (A) Turn down the volume.
(B) Help the man study for a test.
(C) Play a different kind of music.
(D) Speak louder.
7. (A) She forgot when the report was due.
(B) She'd like the man to help her with the
(C) She needs more time to finish the
(D) She hasn't included any data in her
8. (A) The cat is a lot of trouble.
(B) The cat is quite friendly.
(C) He doesn't get along with Debbie.
(D) He's glad Debbie gave him the cat.
9. (A) Try to get a seat next to the window.
(B) Find another passenger going to
(C) Ask for information about the
departure time.
(D) Find out if there are any seats left on
the bus.
10. (A) She forgot to stop at the store.
(B) The man shouldn't eat the fish.
(C) The fish is safe to eat.
(D) The food shouldn't be reheated.
11. (A) She won't be able to go with the man.
(B) She doesn't think Frank is arriving
until tomorrow morning.
(C) She has to pick up Frank at 2:00.
(D) She doesn't know when her class will
12. (A) He watched the television program with his mother.
(B) His mother told him his professor was
on television.
(C) Answering the phone caused him to
miss the television program.
(D) His mother missed the television
13. (A) The pool will be open all week.
(B) The weather will cool down soon.
(C) The woman should go swimming.
(D) He prefers to stay inside in hot
14. (A) He may not have enough time to
(B) He may spend more money on food
next semester.
(C) He may gain weight if he does his
own cooking.
He(D) He may not enjoy cooking.
15. (A) 's tired.
(B) He lost the race.
(C) He has already been to the top of the
(D) He prefers doing exercise in doors.
16. (A) The doctor only has time on
(B) The doctor is busy on Tuesday
(C) The man must come more than one
(D) The man must arrive on time.
17. (A) Eat dinner at the cafeteria.
(B) Find out when the cafeteria opens.
(C) Meet her in the cafeteria this evening.
(D) Try to get a job at the cafeteria.
18. (A) Drive on through the night.
(B) Check out of the motel.
(C) Cancel their motel reservations.
(D) Stop driving for the rest of the day.
19. (A) She doesn't want to take the course
this semester.
(B) She thought the class would be easy.
(C) She will have thirteen credits after she
completes the class.
(D) She's surprised that all these actions
are filled.
20. (A) She doesn't like to drink coffee.
(B) She's not upset by the accident.
(C) The man should apologize.
(D) The man has spilled coffee on her
21. (A) The man will have to buy a new shirt.
(B) The shirt looks just like the man's new
(C) The shirt can be repaired easily.
(D) The man shouldn't put sharp objects
in his shirt pocket.
22. (A) The jackets sold out quickly.
(B) The sale ended yesterday.
(C) He'll check with the salesclerk.
(D) The woman might find a jacket on
23. (A) She likes to drive when she travels.
(B) She doesn't want to go to Chicago.
(C) She doesn't know how much the train
trip will cost.
(D) It's cheaper to go to Chicago by car.
24. (A) The man paid a lot to join the gym.
(B) The man has been working too hard.
(C) The man has improved his physical
(D) The man should ask for more pay.
25. (A) She prefers hot weather.
(B) The man should visit Washington
when it's cooler.
(C) She agrees that going to the beach would have been better.
(D) Visiting Washington is enjoyable
despite the heat.
26. (A) She'll help the man clean up the spill.
(B) Timmy should be more careful.
(C) The man should be more
(D) Timmy isn't well behaved for his age.
27. (A) He can meet the woman on
(B) He won't be ready until next week.
(C) He's available any day except
(D) He needs to do the history project
before Wednesday.
28. (A) Go to a field hockey practice.
(B) Try out for the field hockey team.
(C) Get tickets to see the championship
(D) Receive an award for winning a
29. (A) She wants to check the weather
before deciding.
(B) She has a problem with her hearing.
(C) She'd enjoy coming to dinner another
(D) She wants the man to help her with
some work.
30. (A) The back of the drawer has fallen off.
(B) The man doesn't have any soap.
(C) The cabinet is too heavy to move.
(D) Something is blocking the back of the
Part B
Directions: In this part of the test, you will hear longer conversations. After each conversation, you will hear several questions. The conversations and questions will not be repeated.
After you hear a question, read the four choices in your test book and select the best answer. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of the question and fill in the space that corresponds to the letter of the answer you have chosen. Remember, you should not take notes or write on your test pages.

31. (A) There aren't enough cabinets
(B) There is too much noise
(C) Office supplies are taking up space.
(D) Some teaching assistants don't have
32. (A) To chat with Jack socially
(B) To get help in the co
(C) To hand in their assistants
(D) To practice giving interviews
33. (A) Give Jack a different office
(B) Complain to the department head.
(C) Move the supplies storage room.
(D) Try to get a room to use for meetings.
34. (A) They'd have to get permission.
(B) Jack wouldn't like it
(C) She thinks it might
(D) The other assistants should be consulted.
35. (A) Mating habits of squid and octopus.
(B) The evolution of certain forms of sea
(C) The study of marine shells.
(D) Survival skills of sea creatures.
36. (A) He didn't understand the lecture.
(B) He wants to borrow her notes next
(C) He needs help with a make up exam.
(D) He was sick and unable to attend.
37. (A) Some sea creatures developed
(B) The first giant squid was captured.
(C) Some sea creatures shed their shells.
(D) Sea life became more intelligent.
38. (A) She has always believed they exist.
(B) She heard about them in New

(C) Stories about them may be based on
giant squid.
(D) The instructor mentioned them in the

Part C
Directions: In this part of the test, you will hear several short talks. After each talk, you will hear some questions. The talks and the questions will not be repeated. After you hear a question, read the four possible answers in your book and choose the best answer. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of the question and fill in the space that corresponds to the letter of the answer you have chosen.

Here is an example. On the recording, you hear:

Now listen to a sample question.
You will hear:
Sample Answer
In your book, you read:
(A) To demonstrate the latest use of computer graphics.
(B) To discuss the possibility of an economic depression.
(C) To explain the workings of the brain.
(D) To dramatize a famous mystery story.
The best answer to the question "What is the main purpose of the program?" is (C), "To explain the workings of the brain." Therefore, the correct choice is (C).
Now listen to another sample question.
In your book, you read:
(A) It is required of all science majors.
(B)It will never be shown again.
(C)It can help viewers improve their memory skills.
(D) It will help with course work.

The best answer to the question "Why does the speaker recommend watching the program?" is (D), "It will help with course work." Therefore, the correct choice is (D).
Remember, you should not take notes or write on your test pages.

39. (A) To explain a new requirement for
(B) To interest students in a community
service project.
(C) To discuss the problems of
elementary school students.
(D) To recruit elementary schoolteachers
for a special program.
40. (A) To find jobs for graduating students.
(B) To help education majors prepare for
Final exams.
(C) To offer tutorials to elementary
school students.
(D) To provide funding for a community
service project.
41. (A) He advises students participating in a
special program.
(B) He teaches part-time in an elementary
(C) He observes elementary school
students in the classroom.
(D) He helps students prepare their
42. (A) Contact the elementary school.
(B) Sign up for a special class.
(C) Submit a resume to the dean.
(D) Talk to Professor Dodge.
43. (A) To prepare students for the next
reading assignment.
(B) To provide background information
for a class discussion.
(C) To review material from a previous
(D) To prepare for a quiz on chapter six.
44. (A) Insurance companies.
(B) Sailors.
(C) Manufacturers.
(D) Merchants.
45. (A) The distance the merchandise had to
be shipped.
(B) The number of insurance companies
available at the time.
(C) The amount of danger involved in
shipping the goods.
(D) The type of vessel used to transport
the goods.
46. (A) Only four types of policies still exist
(B) They are cheaper than the ones in the
Middle Ages.
(C) They include features similar to
earlier policies.
(D) The interest rates are based on early
methods of calculation.
47. (A) The oxygen level in the water.
(B) The angle of the treadmill.
(C) The weights on the divers.
(D) The temperature of the water.
48. (A) Walking on Mars will be easier
than walking on the Moon.
(B) There is more gravity on the
Moon than on Mars.
(C) Walking quickly will be
difficult on Mars.
(D) Astronauts on Mars will require more
oxygen than will astronauts on the
49. (A) They took short, quick steps.
(B) They were pulled off of the treadmill.
(C) They lost their balance.
(D) They took longer, coordinated steps.
50. (A) Martian suits will have larger air
(B) Martian suits will be equipped
with special weights.
(C) Martian suits will be more flexible.
(D) Martian suits will be less durable

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