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Household Appliances

Twenty years ago things that were used for household work were still traditional, such as a broom, a mop, and a dustcloth. They were the only cleaning tools. Only a few people had electric refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, or other appliances that people now consider almost a necessity.
Today many people own many appliances, from the big ones like refrigerators and washing machines to the small ones like electric razors and can openers.
There are two basic kinds of electric appliances: those that provide heat and those that provide motion, such as tractors and seeders.
Modern household appliances are refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, electric clocks, electric stoves, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, electric irons, hair dryers, television sets, mixers or electric beaters, radios, sewing machines, electric fans and so on.
Children of a rich family usually own computers. If they are interested in mathematics, they can play a mathematical game on a home computer connected to a television set. The printer is connected to the computer. Then the printer, fed by information from the diskette of the computer, prints or types out the list at high speed. So the diskette should be carefully filed in a case or a box.  
Not all families in Indonesia own modern household appliances. People of middle class have a television set, radio, but they still use a broom, a mop and a dustcloth for cleaning.

Word Watch:
Necessity : kebutuhan
Can openers : pembuka kaleng
Connected : dihubungkan
Dustcloth : kain lap
Razors : pisau cukur
House hold appliances : perlengkapan rumah tangga

Task !
A.    Decide whether the following statements are true (T) or false (F) based on the text above.
1.    Twenty years ago things that were used for householdwork were already modern. T/F
2.    Only a few people owned refrigerators years ago. T/F
3.    There are basic kind of electric appliances. T/F
4.    Today many people own few appliances. T/F
5.    The diskette of the computer is fed by information from the printer. T/F

B.     Read the text again then decide whether the following sentences are true (T) or false (F)
1.    A dustcloth is a cleaning tool. T/F
2.    Electric razors belong to small appliances. T/F
3.    Vacuum cleaners are modern household appliances. T/F
4.    Children of a rich family always own computers. T/F
5.    The diskette should be carefully filed in a certain box. T/F

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