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Medical Equipment

Before doctors can treat patients, they must find out exactly what is wrong. Learning what is wrong is called making a diagnosis. To become skilled diagnosticians, doctors need much training and experience, and they alson need health equipment.
A physical examination of the patient may provide clues to what is wrong. One of the most important parts of the examination is done with a stethoscope. It is used to listen to the sounds of the heart valves as they open and close.
To measure blood pressure a doctor uses an instrument called a sphygmomanometre. A doctor can decide whether blood pressure is low, normal, or high.
Clinical thermometres are made in two different forms. One type is for taking the temperature by mouth or by armpit, and the other one for taking the temperature by rectum.

Words Watch :
Diagnostician : dokter penentu diagnosa
Heart valve : klep jantung
Blood pressure : tekanan darah
Health equipment : alat-alat medis

1.      What do doctors do before they can treat their patients?
2.      What may a physical examination of a patient provide?
3.      What does a doctor use to measure blood pressure?
4.      What is diagnosis?
5.      How many types of clinical thermometres are there? What are they?
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