Most of you might have stoves at home. Stoves are very important for us, especially for our mother. They almost can do nothing without stoves. Stove is a house appliance that is used to generate heat. Iron stoves are fueled by wood and coal. They have been used for hundreds of years to heat homes and are still popular in some regions as primary heating units. Modern gas and electric stoves are designed specifically for cooking food. Such stoves are also called ranges.
            Stoves were developed over thousands of years in a number of ancient civilizations. By 2000 BC, Egyptians were using clay and brick ovens to bake bread. During Roman times in central and northen Europe, people developed earthenware stoves to heat their dwellings. Cast-iron stoves were used in China as early as the 2nd century and in Europe as early as the 15th century.
            In 1744 an American inventor Benjamin Franklin developed an efficient cast-iron stove that could be installed inside a fireplace. Even with improved designs, cooking was done primarily over an open flame until the early 1800s. One of the earliest cooking ranges was designed in the 1790s by Anglo-American Benjamin Thompson. The Closed-top, cast-iron range was patented in 1802 by an Englishman George Bodley.
            Cast-iron stoves became popular during the early 1800s with improvement in insulation and the development of coal as an efficient fuel. The first gas stoves were introduced in the 1830s, and electric stoves were first marketed during the 1890s. Both types of stoves grew in popularity during the early 1900s as gas and electricity became widely available.
            During the 20th century alternate home heating methods, including central heating, gradually replaced the heating stove. This left cooking as the stove’s primary function.
Word Watch :
Generate : membangkitkan
Fueled : menggunakan bahan bakar
Earthenware : barang pecah belah
Insulation : penyekatan, pemisahan
Available  : tersedia
Replaced : menggantikan

Task !

1.      Why are stoves very important in our life?
2.      What are modern stoves used for?
3.      What were used for ancient stoves’ fuel?
4.      What kind of innovation did Benjamin Franklin made?
5.      What made electric and gas stoves easily grow in popularity?

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