This section is designed to measure your ability to recognize language that is appropriate
for standard written English. There are two types of questions in this section, with special
directions for each type.
Directions: Questions 1-15 are incomplete sentences. Beneath each sentence you will see
four words or phrases, marked (A), (B). (C). and (D). Choose the one word or phrase that best
completes the sentence. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of the question and fill in the space that corresponds to the letter of the answer you have chosen.
Example I
Geysers have often been compared to volcanoes......... they both emit not liquids from below the Earth s surface.
(A) due to
(B) because
C) in spite of
(D) regardless of

The sentence should read, "Geysers have often been compared to volcanoes because they both emit hot liquids from below the Earth's surface.'" Therefore, you should choose (B).
Example II
During the early period of ocean navigation......... any need for sophisticated instruments and techniques.
(A) so that hardly
(B) when there hardly was
(C) hardly was
(D) there was hardly

The sentence should read, "During the early period of ocean navigation, there was hardly any need for sophisticated instruments and techniques." Therefore, you should choose (D).
Now begin work on the questions.
1.      The acting of Mary Ann Duff was characterized by subdued dramatic force, fidelity to
.........and a marked unity of effect.
(A) of each play the structure
(B) the structure of each play
(C) the play each structure of
(D) each play the structure of
2.      The coherent light of a laser......... entirely of synchronized waves of a single frequency that travel in the same direction.
(A) it composes
(B) to compose it
(C) is composed
(D) is composing it
3.      .........that ornithischians, planteating dinosaurs, lived about 225 million years ago.
(A) Scientists believe
(B) Scientists believing
(C) Scientists believe in
(D) Scientists' belief
4.      .........that took American art out of the romanticism of the mid- 1800's and carried it to the most powerful heights of realism.
(A) Winslow Homer's paintings
(B) It was Winslow Homer's paintings
(C) When Winslow Homer's paintings
(D) Paintings of Winslow Homer
6.      The National Medal of Science is the given by the ......... United States government.
(A) highest science award
(B) highest award for scientific
(C) award that is the highest scientific
(D) highest, and awarding scientists
7.      Prehistoric people made paints by grinding colored materials......... into powder and adding water.
(A) if vegetation and clay
(B) that vegetation and clay are
(C) how vegetation and clay
(D) such as vegetation and clay
8.      The concept of television.......... images over distances, had intrigued scientists even before the invention of moving pictures or radio.
(A) the transmission of
(B) transmits to
(C) for transmission
(D) the transmitting
9.      Recent technology gives computers ........making them multimedia machines with interactive potential.
(A) both audio and video capability
(B) its capability is both audio and video
(C) both audio and video are capable
(D) capable of both audio and video
10. a music store was one of Lil Armstrong's first professional jobs as a young pianist when she came to Chicago in 1917.
(A) Demonstration tunes
(B) Demonstrating tunes
(C) Demonstrate tunes
(D) Tunes that demonstrated
11.  The first people to live in......... Hawaii were the Polynesians, who sailed there in large canoes from other Pacific Islands about 2.000 years ago.
(A) now where is
(B) what is now
(C) it is now
(D) now this is
12.  The Alaskan blackfish exhibits ......... to both extreme cold and low concentrations of oxygen under the ice.
(A) remarkable, and resistance
(B) remarkable, resistant
(C) remarkably resistant
(D) remarkable resistance
13.  Penicillin acts both .........
(A) killing bacteria and their growth being inhibited
(B) and to kill bacteria and to inhibit their growth
(C) by killing bacteria and by inhibiting their growth
(D) kills bacteria and inhibits their growth
14.  Not until the 1850's ......... in New York seek to rescue historic buildings from destruction or alteration.
(A) some concerned citizens
(B) did some concerned citizens
(C) some citizens concerned
(D) when some concerned citizens did
15.  If a diamond is heated without oxygen, it will turn to graphite, a form of.........that it is used as a lubricant.
(A) carbon is so soft
(B) is carbon so soft
(C) carbon so soft
(D) so soft the carbon J

Written Expression
Directions: In questions 16-40 each sentence has four underlined words or phrases. The four underlined parts of the sentence are marked (A), (B), (C), and (D). Identify the one underlined word or phrase that must be changed in order for the sentence to be correct. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of the question and fill in the space that corresponds to the letter of the answer you have chosen.
Example I
Guppies are sometimes call rainbow fish because of
                                                          B         C
the males' bright colors.

 The sentence should read, "Guppies are sometimes called rainbow fish because of the
males'bright colors." Therefore, you should choose (A).

Serving several term in Congress, Shirley Chisholm
became an important United States politician.
The sentence should read, "Serving several terms in Congress, Shirley Chisholm became an
important United States politician." Therefore, you should choose (B).
Now begin work on the questions.
16.    Today's farmers have increased milk production greatly through improved methods of
breeding, feeding, and manage dairy cattle.
17.    Hypoglycemia is a condition in which a rapidly drop in blood sugar most often
results from an over secretion of insulin from the pancreas.

18.    New born infants show a distinct preference for human voices over other sounds
and also prefer her own mothers' voices to the voices of strangers.
19.    The Chippewa and Santee Sioux of the Upper Mississippi River regional have
 used catlinite to produce carvings for almost 150 years.
20.    Absolutely nothing that floats, neither  a corked bottle nor a 50,000-ton ships,
can escape the effects of water currents.
21.    The Wright Brothers were owner of a bicycle shop, and they used a number of bicycle parts
to make the original motorized airplane.
22.    Gemstones are usually bright, color, opaque or transparent minerals found in
                                                B                                                           C
the rocks of the Earth.
23.    The modem detective story, in which a detective solves a crime by discovering and
Interpretation evidence, is considered to have originated with Edgar AllanFoe's "The Murders
        in the RueMorgue" in 1841.
24.     The superintendent of women nurse for the Union Army during the Civil War was
Dorothea Dix.

25. Slow growth in the early 1900's, linked with rising unemployment, less spend,and meager
      business investments, led many experts to declarea recession.
26. Orchestrating musical works requires a understanding of the range and characteristics
      of each instrument.
27. The Canadian province of British Columbia is rich of minerals and, because

over 50 percent of the landis covered with forests, lumbering is its major industry.
28. Each major styles of architecture emerged because new problems in building orchallenges
                         A                                  B
in design appeared for architects to resolve.
                                        C          D
29. Much of the significant research related for the theory of numbers concerns
         A                  B                              C
The distribution of prime numbers.
30. Lauren Bacall made her film debut in To Have and Have Not, starring together Humphrey
                                A                                                                                  C
Bogart who later became her husband.
31. The black leopard is very dark that its spots are difficult to see.
32. On steep hillsides, tree roots bind to soil that might otherwise be washed away if heavy
33. Carson McCullers was only 23 when she published her first novel, The Heart Is
a Lonely Hunter, for what she received much acclaim.

34. Through the process of imprinting, the young of a species rapidly learn torecognize and
follow other members of own species.

35. The invention of fresh metaphors today continues to make it possible the vivid expression
       of emotions.
36. Proteins are made up of long, folded irregularly chains, the links of which are amino acids
37. Although most species of small birds gather in groups at feeders provided by bird-
watchers, the bright red cardinals usually appears alone or with its mate.                                                 B                                                   C              D
38. The astronomy is the oldest science, but it continues to be at the forefront ofscientific
39. Henry David Thoreau was an American writer who is remembered for his faith
                                                  A                                     B                      C
in the religious significance of the nature.
40. Gold or silver bullion serve into commerce as mediums of exchange all over the world.
                                                                                                    C           D

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