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 Hallo sobat NTC!  Kali ini Mimin akan share storytelling bahasa inggris yang bisa kalian praktekkan di rumah atau dikelas nih. Fyi, ini tentang bhineka tunggal Ika ya, berbeda-beda tapi tetap satu, bukan kayak kamu sama doi yang ga bisa jadian, ups! Simak baik-baik ya!

Get Along with Different

Assalamualaikum wr wb

Hello everyone! Standing in front of you all, I am Nana as the delegation from Islamic Elementary School of Al-Hakim Boyolangu would like to tell you about how live with differences in our unity. BeforeHallo sobat NTC; we going to the main talks, anyone knows what is the mean of ‘get along with different’?

Yeah. Get a long with different can refers to the unity in diversity or commonly we called by Bhinneka Tunggal Ika. The phrase is widely used to refer to the spirit of unity amidst social, cultural, ethnic and religious diversity.

Come on now, let’s talking with the principles and meaning of unity in diversity itself. There are several meaning we have to know about. For instance, we gonna talk, that is unity despite differences. This concept emphasizes that despite differences in everything such as culture, belief, and background. For this concept we can still come to work together for achieving the goals.

Secondly, diversity as strength. Recognizes that diversity brings strength. Each groups, culture, or individual has unique contributions that can contribute to shared wealth and progress.

The third is about, Tolerance and Respect: This principle encourages tolerance of differences and respect for diversity. Respect the right of every individual or group to maintain their identity and beliefs.

The next is, The Importance of Balance: Emphasizes the importance of striking a good balance between bringing people together for a common purpose and maintaining existing diversity.

The last principle is, Considering unity as a strong foundation for social, economic and political progress. This balance helps people overcome differences and work together productively.

Based on my explanation , “get along with differences” is often used to encourage inclusiveness, harmony and cooperation in societies made up of individuals or groups with different backgrounds. Getting along with differences involves embracing diversity and fostering positive relationships with people who have varied backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences

Well. Let’s close attention with differences. We are as a child, do you guys know how to Made a healthy live with the diversity arround us?

Okay. I have several tips which can apply spirit of Unity in Diversity in daily life:

1. Open to Differences: Open your mind to differences in cultures, beliefs, values and backgrounds. See differences as opportunities to learn and enrich life experiences.

2. Practice Tolerance: Cultivate an attitude of tolerance towards different opinions and beliefs. Respecting each individual's right to hold different views is an important step in creating harmonious relationships.

3. Active Listening: Listening attentively to the experiences and views of others helps create better understanding. It also paves the way for building strong relationships.

4. Share Experiences and Stories: Sharing personal experiences and stories helps break down stereotypes and build bridges of empathy. It broadens perspectives and inspires an appreciation for diversity.

5. Cooperate for a Common Goal: Focus on a common goal that can benefit all parties. Work with people from different backgrounds to achieve something bigger than yourself.

6. Find Common Ground: Find points of similarity among differences. This can be a strong foundation to build on.

That’s about ‘get along with differences’ from me. I do apologize if i have many mistakes. The last I say.

Wassalamu’alaikum wr wb

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